The day I left "mainstream" news forever (NCA) is a news website run by News Limited (part of the same group of companies now well known for hacking famous voice mails), and was my last tie to the world of traditional news.

It was a little guilty pleasure. Their focus was solely on catchy headlines and simple pieces of reporting that worked well for those like me looking for a five minute break. And their penchant for attaching bikini shots to any story even remotely related to the human body was also quite entertaining.

Then one day NCA decided to fill the space that bordered the central main content column with ads. That in itself was not unlike a lot of big web sites. But they also chose to open the ad when you clicked anywhere in that border, even if you had scrolled down well past the actual ad content and the border  just displayed white space. It was a devious tactic, as I found that I usually switched back to a browser window not by clicking the window's title bar, but by clicking in some white space in the page that was being displayed.

After being caught out more than once with a flashy pop up ad, I decided to remove NCA from my browsing vocabulary. And with that, I'd like to welcome (NGC) into my life. Yes Rupert, you are actively pushing people into the arms of your arch nemesis.

It was something of an adjustment. NGC presented headlines that I had to think about. There were no boob shots. I couldn't read the first two paragraphs of the stories and safely ignore the remaining text as SEO filler. And I feel so much better for it.

So it is with no great sadness that I say goodbye to traditional media, and fully embrace the brave new world of content aggregation and tick'n'flick news consumption. NCA, you shall not be missed.


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