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Ubuntu phone - the first truly unified platform?

The Ubuntu phone OS has been announced, replacing the old "Ubuntu for Android" initiative that seems to have been all but abandoned. Frankly I'm not surprised that Ubuntu for Android didn't gain much traction , as the concept had a number of limitations that made it a burden instead of adding value. But the Ubuntu phone OS is another story. From the information made available in the Canonical press release, it seems that the Ubuntu phone OS is a fully fledged version of Ubuntu that can be installed directly onto a smartphone. It is a single set of apps and single configuration that presents a tailored interface depending on whether your phone is docked or standalone. It's no stretch to say that the current computing experience provided across desktops, laptops, tables and smartphones is disjointed at best. What you do on a particular device is still determined more by the OS it is running and the configuration that you have taken the time to (re)implement tha