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Three Daily Things

Three Daily Things is a new, free website that I have put together based on a motivation app that I have had great personal success with. The reason why I wrote this app is best explained with a story about myself. Like most people, I want to be fit an healthy. To achieve this, I sign up to my local gym. But it doesn't take long for the unknowns to start rattling around in my brain. How many reps and set should I do? Should I do cardio before or after resistance training? Should I be taking supplements? Is it best to work out in the morning or afternoon? Which exercises are best? All these unknowns start to weigh heavily in my mind. I begin to wonder if I am wasting my time. I skip a few sessions, and before I know it I haven't visited the gym in weeks. So many beneficial aspirations in my life have followed this path. I like the idea, I try it out, I get overwhelmed by the unknowns and eventually I give up. So I asked myself, what was it that I really w