New Web Site is Live!

I'd like to announce the official opening of Make Indie Games.

Chances are that you have come to this blog looking for tutorials on game development. I'd also be willing to be that if you have ever tried to create a game by your self you have run into a wall where you need to find an artist, programmer or music composer to make your creation look and play like you originally envisaged.

The best solution I have seen to this issue to date are help wanted forums. But these forums are, quite frankly, a pain in the ass. They are almost always tied to a specific engine or platform, you have to read through a million posts just to find out what opportunities are still available, and they do little to bring together all the creative fields that are required to make a kick ass indie game.

This is where Make Indie Games comes in. You can create a project and specify the kind of skills that you are need, and you can create a profile and specify the kind of skills that you have. Then, with one simple search bar, project owners can quickly search for qualified people, and individuals can browse from a list of projects looking for their skill sets.

The site is free to join, so please take a look and let me know what you think. I hope you'll agree that it takes the pain out of building a team to create your indie games.


Anonymous said…
Matt, this is great to see. I was wondering however, if you read the comments that are posted by those that read your blog. Mostly for the fact that there are many of us who were following your excellent tutorials, and were disappointed that they vanished. I accept that you posted the HTML pages, but could you please post the resources, and code for them, since for many of us they are essential to finish the tutorials that were started, but now remain unfinished. I hope that this plea falls on receptive ears.
Hoping that you can help us all.
Kind Regards,
gems in nyc said…
Lovelyy post

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