The end of an era

A few years ago I started writing for a startup called Brighthub. They offered a simple revenue sharing model that allowed me to make a few bucks sharing my programming experiments with the world. I had fun, I made a few dollars, and I posted some in depth tutorials with information that was not (and still is not) available elsewhere on the web. I know, because there were times where I gave up Googling and just worked it out for myself, and then blogged the results.

I learned a few things doing freelance blogging:

  1. Read contracts carefully, because you are probably just one email away from being dumped and control of your content being taken away
  2. Don't take it personally, because for every anonymous coward who slams your work under a nick like "LinuxGuru", there are 10 others who found some value in your post
  3. Minimum word counts suck, because they just lead to lots of empty words
  4. SEO sucks,  because it just lead to lots of empty words
  5. And, most importantly, do it for fun, because there is no money in it

Brighthub has stopped accepting content from the community; a victim of the Panda update. I briefly toyed with the idea of reposting all my old content here on Blogger, but it was simply too much work to copy and paste the code, fix the links and upload the various archive files. And it would have violated rule 5: do it for fun.

All is not lost though. If you are looking for something that I previously posted with Brighthub, you can find it (in a raw form) in the following archive:

Please note that unfortunately the source code downloads for some of these posts have been lost.

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